Monday, 13 May 2013

Whilst im here thought I would post some piccys of my aura sprays.
Moon and crystal blessed.


  1. They sound intriguing, are they smelly.LOVING your blog woman after my own heart,LOVE witches,luv Georgina x

    1. P.S. your blog is now on my favourites so will be popping in

    2. Hi Georgina
      Thankyou for your message,I have just really started to get the hang of this so excited when I see someone has peeked here.
      I really need to spend time and find my way around here,I even made myself a follower by
      I will be adding all my little witchy thoughts and bits and bobs here once I can get the hang.
      The aura sprays are full moon and crystal charged and depending on the oils uses can be calming,energisig,uplifting so they are nice and smelly,sprayed around your aura.
      I make them and give them out at work and they just love them...all good.
      I'll send you one if you give me your details.
      I'm preparing for Litha summer solstice and really want to get to will be putting a few pictures here .
      Anyway im rambling.
      Goddess bless... Annie